Sonia Gandhi, Quit India

Today we start a campaign, SONIA GANDHI, QUIT INDIA.

This woman has become the worse of India’s nightmares.
She has assaulted everything that is India and with the recent events, it is proved beyond doubt that India is into another freedom struggle.
She looted the nation, no, she plundered and sucked up nation’s wealth and treated the nation as if it is her backpocket,
she has assaulted its culture by encouraging relentless missionary activities,
she has blood on her hands for deaths due to terrorism that occurred between 2004-2009,
she is dividing the nation and treating the people of native religions as second class citizens.
Today most of India is poor, our enemies can attack and take over India any time, Maoism is spreading like wildfire, all that would result into a disintegrated nation in a short time.

This less than human being with her insecurities that Baba Ramadev movement would become another Tahir Square event, committed this brutal attack and even possibly planned to kill Baba Ramadev ji (as was predicted just few days ago).

It is time we get rid of this person.

The nincompoop leaders of BJP who were doing nothing tangible while the country is sold away need to be replaced.

It is time Indians close down the media such as the Rajdeep Sardesai who is using airwaves to engage in propaganda.
These national journalists are traitors of the nation.

It is time to wake up.

Wake up India.


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  1. What a rubbish! I never heard such a silly thing in my life!

  2. I agree with the above writer Satya. Now istead of anti-corruption protest they should have protests for quit India Sonia. she is the cause of corruption. all the mnoey is been sent to Vetican and Italian mafia, long agoa when she married into teh Gandhi family – a lady had said she has been panted in india by Pope- and she was the cause of Mrs Gandhi’s death and even her husband’s death. She is highly involved in corruption. The foremost need for India is to get rid of her. Good luck-

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