Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad’s Retort to Chidambaram’s Claims

Home minister Chidambaram today helplessly tried to defend his undemocratic and
dictatorial misdeeds at Ramlila ground on democratic  agitators. Its shameless that the whole central government including PM is defending such atrocities.  P. Chidabaram’s tirade against anti-corruption activists is understandable. The Congress has panicked. It was Chidambaram who introduced the financial instrument Participatory Notes, which has been used to launder illegal money into official markets through FIIs in the capital market. This way he is also a major party in corruption. Also he was party in appointing and defending corrupt CVC K J Thomas.

Today Chidambaram  not only  informed  but also objected ABVP’s support to anti corruption agitation by Baba Ramdev. I think what’s new that ABVP is supporting fight against corruption and what’s wrong in it? It should be very clear that ABVP has passed resolution in its national conference at Bangaluru in Dec 2010 to fight  against corrupt present central government.  And after 1st phase of activities, besides students many others approached to join the movement. So ABVP launched new forum Youth Against Corruption (YAC) on 12th may 2011. Now owner of this  YAC is the youth of this nation. ABVP not only supported shri Anna Hazare and shri Baba Ramdev but will also support anybody even from congress who comes out from  this government to  sincerely join this movement.

ABVP has also played a very prominent leading role against corrupt and anti democratic government in 1970’s. That time also instead of addressing issues congress choose to impose emergency. But ABVP was not afraid of that, instead government has to withdraw after trying all atrocities.

We appeal people in general and youth in particular not to allow this government in power anymore.  Do not forgive such arrogance of any government . (8 june 2011)

Sunil Ambekar
National Organising Secretary, ABVP

Bharat Singh
Central Secretariat, ABVP

09320091177,  08527440022


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  1. hemen parekh

    Magic Wand ?

    Is there a magic wand with which India can

     Bring back black money stashed abroad

     Stop generation of further tax evasion

    Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh says, “ No “.

    He is an eminent economist and he should know.

    But let him at least consider following :

     For the past tax evaders

    • Without asking any questions as to the source of their funds, let them bring in those black monies stashed abroad and invest into Government approved “ Infrastructure Bonds / SPVs “.

    • They can take out these monies only after 15 years

    • During this period, they will not get any profit / interest / dividend etc from their investments. This “deprivation” becomes their only penalty.

    * All the profits earned by these Bonds/SPVs, to be deposited into a “ Honest Tax Payers Tax Reduction Account” (HTPTRA), held by Government.

    * During these 15 years, they will continue to pay their income tax on their other incomes @ 35 % normal rate

     For the honest tax payers

    • The amount deposited into HTPTRA to be used to bring down the maximum tax rate payable by the honest tax payers. The reduction could be 1% – 2% per year, till the maximum payable tax rate is brought down to 15 %

    • This will be a “ Reward “ to the honest tax payers and will discourage tax evasion.

    I am not suggesting this as a some kind of substitute for tax-evasion treaties to be signed with all the countries.

    But to tackle this issue, we also need a permanent / structural / internal / motivational mechanism as well.

    With a maximum personal income-tax rate of 15 %, Singapore has no black-money problem !

    There may be a Magic Wand after all !

    With regards

    Hemen Parekh

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