Gujarat Congress = Gutter Inspector

Gaurang G. Vaishnav

I was in Gujarat for a few days around Deepawali holidays.  As a casual observer, I could see big billboards in Karnavati (that is Ahmedabad) put up by the Congress party to sway voters against  Narendra Modi’s BJP government in the upcoming elections. I have reproduced a few of them here.


This is the height of negative and misleading propaganda by a party that is known for expertise in dirty deeds.  Of course, anyone with commonsense would be able to see through this misinformation.

For example, one advertisement says, in Gujarat 29% people do not get clean drinking water. But that would also mean that 71% do get it!- Not a bad record in a country where there is acute water shortage.

First picture below cries out that 16,50,000 families are without affordable homes. It gives an impression that this is all BJP’s doing and as if when Congress ruled, all these 16,50,000 families had affordable housing!

Second picture has become a sort of poster child of Congress’s lies. It shows a malnourished baby and then goes on to give figures of malnourished babies in Gujarat. It is a different matter that these figures are from 2007 and things have improved a lot after that. But reason this has become an embarrassment for Congress is that it has come out that the photo is from a Tsunami relief camp in Sri Lanka! 

After seeing all those billboards that concentrated on all the negatives, engineer that I am, I came up with an equation.

 Gujarat Congress = Gutter Inspector

A gutter inspector can only see and smell sewage; he is oblivious to colorful flowers that might be around the landscape.

I am positive that Gujarat’s astute populace will throw the Congress and its minions like the Gujarat Parivartan Party in the gutters of history in coming elections.



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