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My Shopping Experience in Karnavati (Ahmedabad)’s Famous Manekchawk area

(This was written on 11/11/12)

I went shopping in Manek Chawk, Tran Darwaja (three gates) area of Karnavati (Ahmedabad) today. In American parlance this would be called downtown.

It was a veritable sea of humanity and vehicles of all shape and color. Traffic was so intense that pedestrians were vying for a foothold along with scooters, motor bikes, bicycles, rickshaws, cars, tempos and everything else on four wheels. There were shouting match a galore and nilly willy I got in an argument with a motor bike driver who found fault with us hapless pedestrians; when he kept telling me to move to the side, when there was really no side to move to, I had to ask him, if he wanted me to walk over his and other drivers’ heads or would he be rather satisfied by driving over all of us. At times I thought, no matter how much I tried to be careful, a wheel was going to run over my foot. Fact that this is Deepawali time, did not help the matters.

I was told to watch my wallet and there were signs all over the place not to put one’s purse or wallet in the shopping bag. I had divided my few thousand rupees in two pant pockets and was constantly on guard; however, if one would have been able to take it from my pocket in that dense crowd where it was hard to even know where your limbs were, he/she would have well deserved it!
Traafic-ManekchawkIn a sense it was a microcosm of what Bharat is all about. Intense struggle and competition to stay afloat and survival of the fittest. No niceties here, no “thank you” or “excuse me” here. It was sheer sense of self preservation.Another aspect was the varieties of products available. For those who do not know Karnavati or Manek Chawk area, this is mostly, on the road vendors markets competing with super crowded, small stores.
You can buy clothes, shoes, artificial and real jewelry, Gold, fire crackers, sweets, decoration items, books, stationery, utensils, fast food, construction items, vegetables, fruits, medicines, flowers, perfumes, furniture- you name it and it is there. These markets spread over less than 0.5 square miles caters to all economic strata, except the super rich or snobs. Amongst all these, there are Mandirs as well as Masjids too and cows find their own way!
It was interesting to see a hawker shouting sale of a Rs. 80 items for Rs. 60 and exhorting this as the last day of the sale. I have no doubts that were I to go there tomorrow, he would be still repeating that same, last day of sale pitch!Similarly a footpath vendor from whom I bought artificial flowers claimed that it was his “Boni”, meaning it was the first sale of the day while he had already sold to two customers in front and ahead of me! This is Karnavati and this is Bharat- as the song goes, I love my India.IMG_3298Another interesting facet of this “free” enterprise is that a majority of vendors and shopkeepers are Muslims but the buyers are mostly Hindus. As a matter of fact this area is known to be a Muslim fortress for ages. Same people who kill each other during riots, do the business amicably in peaceful times. It is a human paradox.
IMG_3299Observing all these in a span of two hours, I felt that someone should do a Ph.D. on the dynamics of Manek Chawk and Tran Darwaja market. It would surely bring out interesting and hidden facts of this at least, 500 years old market.
At he end of the day, looking to the total traffic indiscipline and chaos, I felt that Bharat could not be a super power in true sense of the word, no matter how affluent it becomes. But then again perhaps, its vitality remains rooted in chaos and not the orderliness of the West to which I am accustomed after spending better part of my life outside Bharat.



C = Corrupt to the Core
O = Organized Criminal Gang
N= Not Hindu
G= Gobbelsian Liers
R= Rogues
E= Ersatz (artificial)
S= Slaves of dynasty
S= Scoundrels

In Your Hands Lies future of Bharat- Vote Today, Vote Wisely, Vote BJP

In Your Hands Lies future of Bharat- Vote Today, Vote Wisely, Vote BJP

Today Gujarat goes to poll. This is a momentous day.

It is not the question of whether BJP will win or not

It is not the question of whether BJP will get more seats than in 2007 or not,

It is not the question of whether Narendra Modi will be reelected as Gujarat Chief Minister or not

It is not the question of whether a strong showing in this election will propel Narendra Modi towards candidacy for the position of Bharat’s Prime Minister or not

All of the above questions are important but not as important as the question,

Will this election determine if our nation would get rid of Congress culture once and for all or not?

2300 years back, Pandit Vishnugupta took a vow not to tie his “shikha” until he had uprooted the Nand Dynasty from the soil of the kingdom of Magadha. He achieved this objective and established Maurya Empire, making Chandragupta Maurya its king. We know this Vishnugupta as Chanakya.

Today, you, the Gujarat voters have the historic opportunity to be the Chanakya. You can  hasten throwing of Congress culture lock, stock and barrel in to Hindi Mahasagar a la Chanakya style.

  • To achieve real freedom for Bharat,
  • to end minority appeasement,
  • to end mollycoddling of terrorists,
  • to end rampant Christian conversion,
  • to end losing the Northeast, Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamilnadu
  • to end selling off Bharat to Western Imperialism,
  • to end strikes at the roots of Hindu ethos and culture,
  • to end uncontrolled loot to the tune of trillions of rupees of national exchequer,
  • to end division of Bharat by use of caste and religion,
  • to shake off  the death grip of  Nehru-Gandhi dynasty on the body politics of Bharatmata,

You the voters of Gujarat have to start a hurricane to wipe off Congress from its roots in Gujarat.

Let that turn into a tidal wave of Tsunami by 2014 that will destroy Congress from across the land of Bharat

So would the Congress be uprooted and destroyed from Gujarat in 2012 election, in turn leading to its banishment at national level in 2014?

Now, that is the question that this election poses and also offers an opportunity to act.

Do not fail Bharatmata today and on December 17. In your hands lies the future of Bharat. Vote anti-Congress, Vote for Narendrabhai’s BJP.

Forward this to your friends; if needed, translate into Gujarati.

Thank you and Jay Hind

Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Edison, NJ, USA

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