An open letter to Advaniji: A lesson to learn

On Reading Advani;s blog:

By Praven Patil, May 18, 2013

Dear Advaniji,

Sir, I have had the good fortune of attending more than a dozen of your public rallies across many cities and States over the last two decades; the latest being the one you addressed in the national college grounds of Bangalore in 2011 as part of your nationwide rath yatra against corruption. If you remember sir, in late 2011, when you addressed a mammoth rally of some 30 thousand odd people in Bangalore, it had started to rain heavily just as you began to speak. Organisers and BJP functionaries were worried that the people would rush out of the national college grounds to protect themselves from the wrath of the rain gods. But nothing of that sort happened on that day. People simply stood up and picked up the plastic chairs to raise them above their heads to shield themselves. They braved that incessant Bangalore rain to listen to you. That is how much the people of Bangalore and India loved you and respected you.

Exactly two decades ago, in 1991, you and Vajpayee ji addressed a huge rally in Mumbai where I was once again fortunate enough to be present. If you remember sir, the moment you faced the mike to speak out, there was an uproarious cry of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ from the gathered masses. Even though Vajpayee ji was known for his oratorical skills, a vast majority of the people in that gathering had come to listen to you, that is how much the people of Mumbai and India loved you and respected you.

Alas! Love and respect of the ordinary masses come with a sell-by date. Retirement at the peak is an art that Indians have rarely understood, thus we have a 40 something Sachin Tendulkar still wanting to play a game which has long moved past him. Advani ji, every day that you spend involved in active politics is costing you the love of a million of your fans / followers. Please ask yourself tonight after dinner, is the opium of active politics more important than the love and respect of ordinary Indians?

History is an unkindest of judges that human civilisation has bestowed upon us. History has no time for subtleties for it is devoid of human emotions and lacks the leisure of deciphering intentions. If history can be cruel enough to degrade the architect of Indian economic reforms into a modern day Nero who presided over the most corrupt regime India had ever seen, then history can be equally scathing to judge the father of modern India’s right-wing movement as just a faction leader of the BJP. This is how much time and tide have turned against you, sir.

Karnataka is the latest symptom of the disease

The BJP of Karnataka is not a disease sir, it is just the symptom of the underlying illness that the party is suffering from. Losing Karnataka is not the antidote for that disease as you have wrongly prescribed, in fact, the very opposite is true.

One of the last decisions that you, as the patriarch and guide, should take before quitting active politics is to assert that BJP is a political party and not a voluntary organisation. Sir, in a democracy, a political party exists to win elections and not to win TV studio debates or hash tag wars on Twitter. BJP is not RSS.

By choosing electoral defeat as a way forward to cure the perceived moral decline, you are committing a crime sir. It is a criminal act against the vast number of ordinary karyakartas of Karnataka who, by their sweat and blood, brought your party to power in south India. Pray, what are you telling these ordinary karyakartas? You are telling them that their sweat and blood was in vain, because you have decided to surrender the State to win a hollow moral victory over Congress/UPA in television studios!

Sir, you have always been politically correct in your utterances and actions over the decades. You have always addressed even your worst enemies with utmost respect. In fact, despite all her misdeeds and corruption, you have always addressed Sonia Gandhi as ‘Sonia ji’. Thus, to see you use a pejorative term of ‘Yeddi’ to address the former CM of Karnataka, was heart-breaking to say the least. Ask yourself sir, is this the way you would treat someone who has toiled hard for more than 4 decades to build your party in a south-Indian State, notwithstanding whatever differences you have developed lately? If the most vile and most corrupt ‘Sonia ji’ has acquired more respect in your political lexicon than the unwashed Yeddyurappa, then am afraid Indian Right has hit a new nadir.

The abolition of Jagirdari system and the Jan Sangh/BJP’s growth in Rajasthan is an inspiring tale indeed. But, sir, that is totally out of context to the Karnataka conundrum. What is more relevant to Karnataka is what happened in UP just a decade or so ago. The caste-matrix of Karnataka has its parallels in the muddy politics of UP and not in the royally majestic Rajasthan.

In Uttar Pradesh too, a section of upper caste BJP leaders decided to lose an election just to wrest the control of the party from Kalyan Singh. One election loss proved to be one too many, until today, when the BJP has been reduced to a bit player in the largest State.

If UP-isation of Karnataka is the solitary goal that BJP can aim at, then bringing back Yeddyurappa after a decade in wilderness, when he would be a spent force, is the ideal path to follow. Is this what you want to achieve Advani ji? Or do you believe that Anant Kumar ji will wake up one day and suddenly find himself the darling of Kannadigas by sheer magic? Let me remind you sir, that the possibility of the Kalraj Mishras and Lalji Tandons ever becoming mass leaders shrinks from 10 per cent to 3 per cent by the time it reaches the Anant Kumars and Prahlad Joshis, while traversing from UP to Karnataka.

Can the lies of the media beguile the patriarch?

For someone with such a legendary political acumen, it is surprising to note this new-found belief in unverified news reports churned by the usual suspects of Indian mainstream media. Sir, do you sincerely believe that Sonia Gandhi is acting against the corrupt Ministers of the UPA Government against the wishes of the PM? At the same time, you seem to believe that Yeddyurappa indulged in “unabashed corruption” as the CM of Karnataka!

Such callous statements by one of the founding fathers of the BJP leave not only the loyal karyakartas but us ordinary followers in complete disarray. When and how did you decide that Sonia-led Congress is fighting corruption, while BSY was the epitome of immorality?

Sir, you must pay a private visit to Bangalore, while you are at it, just take along any businessman well-versed with Bangalore’s realty scenario for a guided tour of the city and its surroundings. If you ever venture out to do so, you will get the real picture. You will find out that vast tracts of land belong to various politicians of many political parties. “SM Krishna’s son in law”, “Dharam Singh’s son”, “Deve Gowda’s relatives”, “Kumaraswamy” and even “Muttappa Rai” would be some of the names you will hear in this connection. The missing name will be that of “Yeddiyurappa and his sons or relatives”. That is the story that you have totally missed in your blind love for a certain Bangalore MP. The media and the intellectual brigade have either beguiled you with partial facts or you have deliberately chosen to remain blind.

Karnataka is not an exception sir, India is at stake here. Do we Indians deserve another UPA term, just so that you can play your moral one-upmanship? India is fed up with Congress and its non-governance, but please spare the country a moral lecture from Dilli and instead offer a winning alternative. If there is one thing and the only thing that you can do as your last act of nirvana, please liberate BJP from the clutches of Dilli. That should be the only lesson that BJP should learn from Karnataka, rest is all gloss.

Thank You,

A disheartened BJP supporter

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  1. The controversy created, listed and floated against BJP could be a product of media and pseudo secular agencies and parties. How pro-BJP can play a roll to highlight them? Is not a matter of research? What an intelligent party or a well wisher of that party (BJP) would do? To secure votes, does not simply depend upon absolute morality, development and resolving some issues. It is much more than that. It is a big game of phase and frequency Any defeat could never be due to one reason. But most defeats are due to canvassing in out of phase and out of frequency. 1          Nehruvian Congress is much more corrupted than BJP leaders. Despite of this it has ruled India for six decades and still ruling. Why? 2          If corruption is a point, no party can beat Nehruvian Congress and its allies in Corruption. 3          If lawlessness is a point no party can beat Nehruvian Congress in lawlessness. 4          If telling lies and breaking promises is a point, no party can beat Nehruvian Congress in breaking promises. Then what is the positive point of Nehruvian Congress in maintaining the power? The positive point of Nehruvian Congress is that they hide their own negative points. No leader of Nehruvian Congress or no well-wisher of Nehruvian Congress will come out publically for disclosure of their negative points. But here in the case of BJP, not only well-wishers of BJP but the leaders too would make negative comments and circulate a list of controversial points as true negative points or and shortcomings. This means they are so confident of their intelligence that how great they are that they can tell spade a spade even if they themselves are spades. Pro-BJPs are friends of each other. What is the characteristic of a friend? 1          He takes you silently away from sin. 2          He takes you towards welfare, 3          He hides what is required to be kept hidden, 4          He discloses and exhibits the good property 5          He does not abuse and does not leave when his friend is in trouble These are the characteristic of a friend. Now what our pro-BJP friends do? They find out fault, they list out fault, they abuse one or other leader, they get divided on an issue, they disclose everything right or wrong whatsoever in their mind. It is always essential to use sense of proportion.  i.e. Highlight greater evil acts of Nehruvians right from 1950 to till date as and when any BJP’s fault is disclosed by Anti-BJP. Sideline the discussion which is against BJP. Do not be defensive for any shortcoming. Dilute the volume of BJP’s shortcoming by giving some philosophical reply. React offensively on anti-BJP critic. Pro-BJP must understand that different people (Hindus) have different priority. The priority of RSS is different than the priority of unemployed, liberals, learned, laborers, victimized, Gurus, traders, service class, service providers etc… though they are all Hindus. Now the leaders of BJP have to take care of the issues of these people with different priorities. That is ruler is supposed to have its own priority. The ruler’s priority to provide education, employment and peace. Nehruvian Cong has faied in toto. The most important is to defame Nehruvian Congress at large scale and defend BJP tactfully in rhythm. Have you asked Nehruvian Congress a question that when are you going to get back the 72000 square miles land which you lost in 1962 under your blunders? Your JL Nehru has taken an oath that your party would not take rest till you get it back? What have you achieved by recognizing the sovereignty of China over Tibet when Tibet has represented itself as an independent nation in the non-alliance movement nations’ conference in 1950? There are hundred thousand questions you can float and flood in rhythm and with same frequency. But if a pro-BJP thinks he/she is only right in deciding priority and causes, he/she will idiotically permit Nehruvians to rule for further six decades. Recall, how Indira has diluted emergency excesses in 1980 elections. Recall how Nehruvian Congress had diluted Bhopal Gas hazard and carnage of Sikhs in 1984 in subsequent election. Recall how Nehruvian Congress had diluted shining India of BJP in 2004. Recall how Nehruvian Congress has diluted Bombay blast case of 2008 in 2009 elections. Are pro-BJP so stupid that they list out controversial matters as folly of BJP leader? Look at Modi in Gujarat. Despite of a high level hue and cry of media on conducted so-called mass agitations and processions by Nehruvian Congress and departed big  BJP leaders, Modi hits back with aggression. People forget fake or true whatsoever shortcoming narrated by Anti-Modi-s, they remember the visible changes what Modi has brought in Gujarat, because Modi highlights all positive aspects of BJP and negative point of his opponents. If you are intelligent but do not play the game you lose it.


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