On the Campaign Trail-13: May 8 Bhopal: Meeting with Trade Associations

May 8, 2019: Meeting with Trade Associations

An independent group was engaged in making systematic calls to the opinion makers, leaders of several organizations in the Bhopal constituency. The callers were trained to note down in detail their conversation and points/issues raised by the person at the other end. Then one young woman would call the person next day addressing his concerns. This created an impression that “someone cared enough to look into our concerns and call back.”  Such leaders have a hold on several members of their organization/ association/group. This would hopefully translate into votes in favor of BJP candidate. The person who conceived the idea, put together a team and infrastructure, using his own funds without any show or pomp expects that his efforts would bring Sadhwiji 25,000 votes. His emissaries would visit these influential leaders for a one on one.

I was fortunate to be on this team for a day of campaigning. We met with the leaders and some merchants of four trade associations. These were Retail Merchants Association in Market 10, Sanitary and Tiles Merchants Association, Plywood Industry Association and  Iron Merchants Association.  Shri Vikas Jain, a successful builder and BJP’s local coordinator led our team. Another member was Shri Balvir Tandel, a BJP worker from Navsari, Gujarat. Almost all of the people we met over a four  hour period were positive for BJP though they had some concerns about BJP’s performance at the local level.


With the leaders of the Plywood Industry Association. There were 20+ merchants from this trade at the meeting.


With the president of Iron Merchants Association, giving their staff booklet on BJP’ government’s initiatives.

This campaign was totally different than the one yesterday. Here we were meeting with people who were well to do and well informed. They were also upset with the Hindu Terror tag. They all promised that besides talking with their members, they would encourage all neighbors to vote and vote early.


with the leaders of Sanitaryware and Tiles Merchants Association. On Extreme left is Vikas Jain and second from right is Balvir Tandel.


With the leaders of Market 10 Retail Merchants Association

All in all, this was a productive day.

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