On the Campaign Trail-14: May 8 Bhopal: Running into the Adversary

May 8, 2019:  Running into the Adversary – an Interesting Experience

Today, at some point our coordinator, Vikas Jain had to take an hour off to finish his business work so he left Balbirbhai and me at Hotel J.W. Marriott to wait.  While we were sitting in the lounge, the elevator doors opened and seven sophisticated ladies stepped out. One of them came close to us, noticed my Modi in America (from Sept. 2014) t-shirt and stopped in her tracks. She blurted out, “I was going to ask you to vote for Congress but you seem to be a Modi person.” I replied in affirmative and asked her why she was campaigning for Congress.   She gave some feeble reasons like how Modi was a dictator, how women were unsafe in her rule, how farmers were compelled to suicide, etc. and I was countering her; I reminded her about Indira Gandhi’s emergency rule, Gandhi family’s hold on the party, etc. she was uncomfortable so she said, ‘you have to talk to our Neta (pointing to an older lady), I am a small neta.” My reply was ‘in our group, we are all workers, no one is a Neta.’

The so called Neta was quite abrasive and rude. She didn’t want to engage in a discussion. I told her that we could be civil and discuss our opinions rationally and that we didn’t have to agree with each other. While the junior neta was willing to talk, the elder one stopped her, saying they had a meeting to attend (most likely true) and that it was a waste of time to talk with us. somehow, I sweet-talked them into having a group photo and we parted with, ‘may the best Man (woman) win.’ She agreed to meet at the same hotel on 23rd to have a party paid for by the losing team.  Only later on, I came to know that one of the ladies was Mrs. Digvijay Singh and one was his sister,


From left, Self, then the lady with the glasses was the senior Neta, next is Digvijay Singh’s sister, then Amrita Singh,(Mrs. Digvijay Sing,h), Balvir Taqndel, the junior neta. The person on the right is Vikas Jain,

If Kejriwal were to see this photo, he would surely say, “Arre Bhai, Sub mile huye hain jee!”

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