On the Campaign Trail-15: May 9 Bhopal: Meeting the Nishad community

May 9, 2019, The last day in Bhopal: Meeting with Nishad community

Early this morning, my host Ajay Ji took me to his farmhouse situated about 20 KM outside of Bhopal. Farmhouses are not a big deal but the reason I wanted to go there was to see firsthand work done by Ajay Ji for the upliftment of the village. Three years back he had made a presentation at a GIBV seminar about his efforts to empower the villagers.



The grounds of this government schools are developed wit planted trees and a playground by Ajay Mehta with his own funds.


At the farm of Dr. Ajay Shankar Mehta. He has transformed the village with his own efforts and funds.

Ajay Ji has built three lakes to store rainwater, built a road, encouraged children to go to school and runs children’s camps. The success rate is quite high. Determination of one man can do wonders.

upon our return from the farmhouse, we went to the Hanuman temple in the development where I was staying. There I had a chance meeting with Sadhwi Pragya Ji who had come to offer an Aarati.


Sadhwiji performing Aarati



Myself and Dr. Ajay Shankar Mehta (my host) with Sadhwiji

I also had the pleasure to meet with the young leaders one more time.


Being with young keeps you young! I am flanked by MoMo (Modi Once More) group’s leaders Rekha Sharma and Sumit Tripathi

From electioneering point of view, my last day in Bhopal was mostly wasted. The day before, we had decided to meet at 2 PM, to go around to meet more business leaders.  Since I was going to be home till then, the host insisted that I take lunch at their home before leaving. however, as I was about to sit down for lunch, I got a call that we had to leave right away (11:15 AM) and I should rush. So I skipped lunch and went over to the office. We piled in the car and were driven to where all government offices and secretariat are. At short notice, it was decided to canvass the government employees during their lunch hour and also have accompanying rickshaw with a P.A. system. There was already some confusion because Digvijay Singh was also supposed to be there for a rally, We waited for a long time while our leader tried to get the vehicle with the P.A. system to come where we were; it never happened. We wasted 90 minutes and in the meantime, Digvijay Singh’s caravan came in, so we decided to postpone the idea to next day. It was a super hot day, so a glass of cold sugarcane juice did wonders.  Our leader contacted several businesses for setting up meetings but was not successful. So he left us at BJP election headquarters (different than Sadhwiji’s election office) to relax. The place had big air coolers but it was pretty much deserted. A couple of guys were taking a nap on sofas. maybe, rest were in the field.


Outside of the BJP election office


BJP Election Headquarters, Bhopal


Various banners of Sadhwi Pragya Ji



Advertisement on a bus stand

finally, at 6:30 PM we were asked to go to a Muslim dominated area where a Hindu Nishad community (fishermen) lived. There are only a handful of families that live near the Muslim majority area but they were determined and strong. A group of lady volunteers that we had accompanied took the local ladies to go for door to door campaign in that difficult terrain.


Nishad community members receiving us


Outside volunteers (like us) listening to the host families




I am appraising them about efforts made by NRIs


NaMo is now really a brand! This is a store at Bhopal airport

I took an early morning flight back to Varanasi, this time, via Hyderabad!

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  1. Dear Gaurang, It was with great interest I read your all the blogs.It was read loudly as Jahnavi can also hear while doing her work in kitchen. We both agreed that the task of ground work is very difficult and unmanageable if proper planning or foresight is missing. However you could overcome all the difficulties and put your BEST effort despite lot of quality time lost due to poor planning by local team. GIBV and GIM group volunteers under leaders like you worked effectively and efficiently for NaMo again. However we have to somehow convince local leaders for zero tolerance to corruption.There is considerable work to be done to eliminate this nuisance.We like to hear that daily two most corrupted persons from each department so be sacked.It shopuls make headlines of daily news. Hope things will change and dependance Modiji is reduces and some leader will be trained to shoulder responsibility. Silence on part of Advaniji and MM Joshiji needs to be appreciated. Regards Dhaval

    On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 4:30 AM Vicharak1’s Weblog wrote:

    > vicharak1 posted: “May 9, 2019, The last day in Bhopal: Meeting with > Nishad community Early this morning, my host Ajay Ji took me to his > farmhouse situated about 20 KM outside of Bhopal. Farmhouses are not a big > deal but the reason I wanted to go there was to see firsthand” >

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