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Modern dialogue of Sholay!! Do not miss this!

Parody of the famous dialogue where Jai (Amitabh) goes to  Basanti (Hema Malini)’s aunt (Leeela Mishra)  to ask for her hand for his drunkard friend, Veeru (Dharmendra)- in context of the upcoming national election.

Select Twitter Tributes to Dev Anand

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Nirala, Patita, Jaal, Baazi, House No. 44, Munimji, Taxi Driver, Nau Do Gyaraah One and only one-Dev Anand Jaye to jaye Kanha #Sadgati

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Funtoosh, Paying Guest, Love Marriage, Maya, Solhava Saal One and only one-Dev Anand Dukhi Man Mere Suno Mera Kehna #Sadgati

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Baat Ek Raat Ki, Kala Pani, Kala Bazar, Bambai ka Babu, Asli Naqli, One and only one-Dev Anand Chal Ri Sajani Ab Kyaa Soche #Sadgati

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Teen Deviyan, Hum Dono, Jewel Thief, Tere Ghar ke Samane One and only one-Dev Anand Abhi Na Jao Choodkar ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi #Sadgati

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Amardeep, Jab Pyaar Kise se Hota Hai, Guide, Hare Raama Hare Krishna 1 & only 1 Dev Anand Tere Mere Sapane Ab 1 Rang Hai Live in our hearts

madhusudan41 Madhusudan Thakkar

Dev Saab you have turned BEWAFA…

madhusudan41 Madhusudan Thakkar…  Essence of GITA realistically depicted.DEV SAAB’s ATMA is ALIVE

madhusudan41 Madhusudan Thakkar

This is the ULTIMATE.Best scene in INDIAN…  ANAND may your soul rest in peace

madhusudan41 Madhusudan Thakkar

Dea Anand lives in our hearts…

narendramodi Narendra Modi

During the 1975-77 emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, Dev Sahab was the one who stood up in favour of democracy with most conviction.

narendramodi Narendra Modi

The guide of entertainment industry, Dev Sahab has passed away. Our tributes to him…May his soul rest in peace.

mediacrooks MediaCrooks

Hard to believe.. but 1946 to date Dev Anand has had a career of 65 years in movies… Doubt that will be easily matched.

mediacrooks MediaCrooks

Man to great violinist YehudiMenuhin: “I’d give my life to play like U” Menuhin replied “I already did” One cud say the same abt Dev Anand

theprudent Prudent Indian

#devanand God Bless U Dev Sahib where ever you are gone now. Keep Shining Keep Smiling. My Pranam to U.

theprudent Prudent Indian

Aha! RT @sandymridul: RIP Dev sahab.. Abhi na jao chodh ke ke dil abhi bhara nahin.. #devanand

theprudent Prudent Indian

#devanand Exactly! RT @calamur@theprudent i won’t . he loved life. he would have like to go out like this -n… (cont)

theprudent Prudent Indian

#devanand An ODE to Dev Sahib ‘The Great’.

anandmahindra anand mahindra

As long as Dev Anand was alive, I thought I would live forever too….

TandonRaveena Raveena Tandon

Sad to hear the Grand ol Gentleman of Indian cinema is no more…Rip Dev saab

AutoNazi mayuri sinha

Barbadiyo ka shok manana fazool tha.. Barbadiyo ka jashn manata chala gaya…RIP Dev Anand…….

SandeepShelke संदीप नारायण शेळके

“Guide of Bollywood” Shri Dev Anand passed away. My heartiest condolances. May his soul rest in pease.

keshav61 Keshav

RIP Dev Anand. Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar Ke Dil Abhi Bhara

RajatSharmaLive Rajat Sharma

Met Dev Anand few days ago, he looked an inspring young at 88. He was planning his next film. Can’t believe he is no more.

Tarunvijay Tarun Vijay’s

The incomparable and invincible spirit of Dev Anand , Dev Saheb wil live for ever. My humble tributes to the greatest actor of the Guide

subodh1945 subodh khanna

Devanand song of ziddi ”marne kee duain .kya mangoo.jeene kee tamnanna kaun kare”was a gr8 song

subodh1945 subodh khanna

ka zindagi ka saath nibhata chalagayaRIP devanand

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Dev Anand- one of a kind. Best in Hum Dono and Guide. Kabhi khud pe, kabhi halat pe rona aaya; Deen dhal jaaye par raat na jaaye Sadgati OM


ABVP demands apology from KBC’s producers

, TNN | Oct 17, 2011, 06.00PM IST

Irked with the question – Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad is the students’ wing of which political party? – asked by Big B on KBCrecently, ABVP’s general secretary Umesh Dutt has demanded a public apology from the show’s producers.

ABVP strongly objected to this and wants the show to apologise for spreading wrong information about students’ organisation of India. Sunil Bansal, All India Co-organising Secretary, ABVP, told DT, “We have sent a letter to KBC team requesting them to rectify the mistake they made by asking a wrong question on their show. Unhone aise sawaal se logon ko galatmessage diya hai.

This error only questions the credibility of the game show. Not only have the showmakers asked the wrong question, they have also made the contestant win Rs 3, 20,000 by considering the reply correct. And what’s funny is that the contestant got the answer when she used her lifeline – phone a friend. Since Amitabh Bachchan is active on Twitter, people have tweeting their reactions to ensure immediate action is taken to set it right. Since the mistake happened on national TV, it would be best to rectify it on TV. We did get a call from KBC team on Wednesday and they have admitted their mistake. But what they will do is still not clear. They have asked for some time. If we don’t get a positive response from them within 7 days, then we will have to send them a legal notice demanding public apology.”

While the channel hasn’t commented on the issue, Vani Tripathi from Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha said the masses too believe this wring information to be correct. “ABVP is not the student wing of BJP. Just because many activists in BJP like Nitin Gatkari, Jaitley have been a part of ABVP during their college days, people think the organization is a part of the political party. In fact, BJP has only one youth wing Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha. ABVP has ideological coherence with RSS but in no way is the organization linked to any political party.””

Vikas Dahiya, who has been the national executive member of ABVP, said, “ABVP was formed in 1949. ABVP’s registration No. S-385/1949-50 People should be told about this. How can we let them accept wrong information about ABVP?””

Amitabh to Rajdeep Sardesai: an accusation that does not even have the basics of journalistic respect and truth

Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan)

Posted Thursday 11th August 2011 from Twitlonger

T 460 -My unabridged reaction to tonights happening and to Rajdeep Sardesai on my Blog ..

Jalsa , Mumbai Aug 11/12 , 2011 Thu/ Fri 2 : 53 AM

The first public showing of “Aarakshan” .. and I have cried throughout .. not because of the film ..yes the film does have those moments too .. but because an art form of such intense creativity should be kept away by banning it in certain States of this our beloved country.

I stood, as did all of us at the beginning of the show when the National Anthem was played, and sang along with perhaps a handful of others in the sincerest of emotion and belief in an anthem that brings all of us to our feet in respect dignity and most importantly, our pride.

Jana gaṇa mana adhināyaka jaya hē
Bhārata bhāgya Vidhātā
Pañjāba Sindhu Gujarāṭa Marāṭhā
Drāviḍa Utkala Baṅga
Vindhya Himācala ẏamunā Gaṅgā
Ucchala jaladhi taraṅga
Tava śubha nāmē jāgē
Tava śubha āśiṣa māgē
Gāhē tava jaya gāthā
Jana gaṇa maṅgala dāyaka jaya hē
Bhārata bhāgya vidhātā
Jaya hē jaya hē jaya hē
Jaya jaya jaya jaya hē
O! Dispenser of India’s destiny, thou art the ruler of the minds of all people[9]
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sindh, Gujarat, the Maratha country,
in the Dravida country, Utkala and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
it mingles in the rhapsodies of the pure waters of Yamuna and the Ganges.
They chant only thy name.
They seek only thy auspicious blessings.
They sing only the glory of thy victory.
The salvation of all people waits in thy hands,
O! Dispenser of India’s destiny, thou art the ruler of the minds of all people
Victory to thee, Victory to thee, Victory to thee,
Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory to thee!.

And as I come to learn hour after hour the various objections and restrictions that various states raise in banning this creative art form, this example of one of the most significant tenets of our Constitution – the freedom of expression, I read and reread the very first stanza of the Anthem –

O ! Dispenser of India’s destiny, thou art the ruler of the minds of all people ..

I am saddened that India’s destiny, the dispenser of which rules the minds of all people, has no effect on those minds that sit in the most august houses of our legislative assembly, those very people that take on oath the truth of wanting to protect the integrity and sovereignty of this nation, pander to unsubstantiated rumor and belief, without as much as any verification of its validity.
Without any knowledge of what the film contains, without any desire to determine in the truest and most basic principles of law in democracy, fact. It has merely strengthened my and many others fears the weakness it conveys in our belief in governance and its ethics.
UP, Punjab and today Andhra Pradesh have given notice to ban the film and not allow it to be projected for another 2 months – a provision given administratively to each government. After that period is over the film can have exhibition and … the Producer is not obliged to carry out any changes that the administration in governance may have found, because the film technically and legally has found certification without a single cut !! What good will 2 months do then in the law and order situation – the reason given for the non showing of this product ! So the same film is a law and order problem now and today but shall not be a problem after 2 months ?? You will destroy the commerce of the producer and all those that have invested time blood tears and money into this film, when even after waiting for 2 months there cannot be any change that will be accepted to be done !! What is the need then of the Censor Board, a statutory body instituted by you, the legislatures and Parliamentarians that govern this land. You nominate what you believe, to disbelieve what you nominate !! Better to remove it altogether then rather than give it disrespect.
I do not care and never have cared about the fate of any film of mine, and I never shall. I do not care if this film does well or not, but I shall admit this … this film has shown a mirror to the country and to one of its conditions. This film has shown a path that needs to be taken for a better and more secure future of this country. And if God forbid this film fails at the box office, it shall demonstrate to a large extent the failure of the reality in the country, that today it struggles with.
I shall believe and will always believe in the words that Dr Prabhakar Anand pronounces during the course of this film –
Is desh mein do bharat baste hain .. aur sahi mano mein agar hum samaaj mein parivartan chate hain, toh in dono ke beech ka jo antar hai use mitana padega ..

‘Two India’s reside in this country .. and truthfully if we have to see any progress in our society, then the distance between these must be erased ..’
Disturbed as I am on the happenings that one endures every hour, I am deeply disturbed by what a person of the eminence of Rajdeep Sardesai, owner controller chief of CNNIBN has to tweet regarding the film –
sardesairajdeep Rajdeep Sardesai

only 2 winners in aarakshan debate. prakash jha whose film will now ‘sell’ and ramdas athavale, dalit leader who has struck a ‘deal’
For you Rajdeep, a journalist of such esteem, all that attracts you to a film you have not even seen, is the factor of its ‘sale’ and the ‘deal’ that it will strike – an accusation that does not even have the basics of journalistic respect and truth. For those that have through years constructed something of such value, that its value may never be evaluated, all that you can sarcastically put across in typical word play that all journalists follow is, how amusing it can sound. That is so regrettable. Particularly so, because in a moment of truth you had disclosed to me privately, of how your idealistic periods of training were such a revered moment in your career. Is this a reflection of your reverence. Is this what it taught you ? Go see the film Rajdeep, like it or dislike it, but I shall challenge you that you shall not have a word in disregard to the motive and bearing of the film. For, this film will have the capacity to make you think and nod in approval towards many truths, a desire that I would have and shall expect from people of your standing.
Amitabh Bachchan

A Tribute to Shammi Kapoor, the Spirited Actor


Shammi Kapoor, the actor nicknamed Elvis Presley of Bharat  died on early Sunday (August 14) morning in Mumbai. Though kidney failure had taken toll on his health in last few years he was always jovial and upbeat.

Those who grew up with him, watching light-hearted films like ‘Tumsa Nahi Dekha’, ‘Professor’, ‘An Evening in Paris’,’Kashmir ki Kali’, ‘Rajkumar’, ‘Singapore’, ‘China Town’,’Laat Saheb’, ‘Janwar’, etc., will agree that there has been none who could match his style, exuberance and body movements. One wondered, if he had springs in all parts of his body.

I did not have a chance to watch his acclaimed films  ‘Badtameez’, ‘Bluff Master’ and ‘Teesri Manzil’ but two of his outstanding roles were in ‘Brahmchari’ and ‘Pagla Kahinka’. parts of Brahmchari were copied in Sridevi-Anil Kapur-Amrish Puri  starrer ‘Mr. India.’ Personally, I found Shammi Kapoor at his best in ‘Pagla Kanhika’.  As a person who fakes being insane to escape being framed for a murder and then really losing his mental balance on loss of his beloved, he was superb. No one could imagine that Shammi who was known for prancing around trees and serenading his heroines with lilting melodies of Rafi saheb  could draw deep from within the reservoir of emotions and give a tear jerking performance in ‘Pagla Kanhika’.

Very few people know that when personal computers were infancy in Bharat, Shammi Kapoor founded and was chairman of Internet Users Community of India (IUCI).

He was a devout person who visited famous Ambaji shrine in Gujarat often. After losing his actress wife Geeta Bali to smallpox only within 10 years of marriage, he married Neela Gohil of a princely family from Bhavanagar, Gujarat.

With the passing away of Shammi Kapoor at age 79, an era of conscientious, disciplined and caring celebrities has come to an end. Kapoor family has lost a father figure who always held the vast family together. Just the way he remained popular even after retiring as a lead actor in 1971, he will continue to remain in the hearts of millions.

A tribute to Shammi Kapoor would be his immortal song from ‘Pagla Kanhika’: “Tum mujhe yun bhoola na paaoge; Jab kabhee bhee sunoge geet mere, sanga sang tum bhee gun gunaoge.”

(You won’t be able to forget me that easily; whenever you would listen to my songs, you would hum them along.)

May Shammiji’s soul rest in peace and move on towards ultimate destination of Nirvana.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shantih!

Gaurang G. Vaishnav

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