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Well Done Diggy Baba

A Letter to Digvijay Singh

You object to RSS and BJP supporting Baba Ramdev and Hijacking his agenda.
When Anna took it up you called him a non entity with no constitutional right to fight corruption.
You ascribed political and other motives to his team members.
Would you welcome the left front to join up & hijack the agenda as it were?
Or would you rather wish Karunanidhi to take it up instead?
May be Mayawati would be better qualified to fight corruption ( in your world view).
Old Sharad Pawar will in any case be the last man living to take up the agenda.

You will certainly not countenance former soldiers like me to be taking up the agenda or supporting Baba or Anna. May be I would be advised to play golf and enjoy a few pegs of whisky as behooves a perfectly nice veteran.

In any case who’s agenda is it to fight corruption?
Surely it not your agenda or that of the Congress.

But let me just contemplate a good congress man taking up this agenda of fighting corruption. What will you say then?

I expect you will surely advise him to submit his views to Sonia ji through the NAC. You well know that the UPA Government is not authorised to fight corruption without orders from the high Command, on the recommendations of NAC. Putting it to Manmohan or AICC would be futile. Will you then go along and confront her to get it allowed? Will Ahmed allow you a darshan or audience with the high command?

My most sincere advice to the Congress is to hijack Ramdev’s agenda, itself . Then there will be no need for anyone else to speak for India or against corruption.

Question bothering me really is; who is this unbridled bull and what is the congress to gain from letting him loose like a misguided missile? He is a failed and discredited politician. Everybody except Rahul knows that. Where does he hope to go from here?

Can any friend enlighten me on this , Please. I shall be most grateful.

Brig R S Chhikara

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