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November 24 will henceforth be observed as National Slap Day… and more tweets

I have collected here some of the interesting tweets on Sharad Pawar being slapped in public, including mine. Do visit other tweets of these posters.  They are patriotic Bharatiyas- they need the support of all awakened citizens.

Gaurang G. Vaishnav

mediacrooks MediaCrooks

November 24 will henceforth be observed as National Slap Day…

varungandhi80 Varun Gandhi

Sure-fire of ensuring Parliament runs. Make Harvinder Singh one of the marshals

shivsinghDESH Shiv Sharan Singh

Slap on SharadPawar was undemocratic but LathiCharge, Tear gases on people gathered at Ramlilla was democratic? Media is in worst phase.

bchowla bhuvnesh chowla

RahulG asked UP crowds,”Aap Ko gussa Nahin atta Kya?Harvinder heard him

mediacrooks MediaCrooks

This Pune mayor, Rajpal deserves a slap too.. RT @ietweet Attack on #Pawar: Mayor calls for bandh today:

RT_Diffrent Rahul tiwari

who is more eligible than Digvijaya RT @shivsinghDESH: वैसे अगला शिकार कौन होगा ?

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav


@thekiranbedi Kuchh galat nahi hua.These blood sucking, corrupt, criminal pols deserve to be hanged. Thappadse kya hoga?  (in response to Kiran Bedi who tweeted Yeh galat hua.)

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

@Lata_MV @avinashbhat01 @swamy39 @ZoomIndianMedia Woh thappad to bahut bhari padnewali hai! (reference to Subramanian Swamy going after Sonia and Rahul.)

mediacrooks MediaCrooks

Sharad Pawar: “I was told that somebody tried to attack me, but nothing special.” .. Tried? Didnt he feel the slap?

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

@mediacrooks Someone should try again but this time harder, so it registers!

HeathaT Heather Timmons

Most comments on our Pawar slap piece are Americans cheering: “More effective than #OWS,” says… @nytindia

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

@HeathaT @nytindia You mean OPC- Occupy Politican’s cheek?

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

@HinduIDF @codedvirus I added one more to “like”. hats off to Harvinder Singh but Pawar deserves much more than that.@vicharak1

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

Shot that was heard round the world- Oops, that was the slap on Sharad Pawar #corrupt #criminal #crook #slap #Traitor

MissWeera Weera

Why is Lok Sabha camera zooming on Supriya Sule ‘s face? is that where the cameraman wants the next #thappad to be? #twoplustwo (Supriya is the daughter of Sharad Pawar).

vicharak1 Gaurang G. Vaishnav

@shivsinghDESH I think Lallu is afraid of several thappads. (Lalu criticizing Sharad Pawar Thappad.)

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